Residential Carpet

Carpet is so simple, yet so elegant in your home. Think about that moment when you step out of bed each morning; that welcoming touch is the perfect start to your day. Carpet is soft and warm and comes in many different designs, colors, and textures. It can be either casual or formal in any room of your home. We specialize in both residential and commercial carpet needs.

Carpet Buying 101


What are the different types of carpet?

Entry-level Carpet Perfect for a smaller budgets and rental properties. Mid-level Carpet Perfect for selling a home- best combination of quality and price. Luxury Carpet High density, newest stain resistant technology, extremely soft yarns.

Where Will the Carpet Be Installed?

How much traffic and the type of room the carpet is going into will determine the color, the pile (the length of the yarn loops), the weight, the material, and the upkeep. Different carpet fabrics have different strengths and weaknesses. At Popular Flooring, we are more than happy to walk through all your questions to ensure you get the best carpet for your needs.

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How Much Foot Traffic Will the Carpet Have?

The amount of foot traffic can also change what type of carpet you may want, as well as what price you'd feel comfortable spending. In an area that has high volume traffic, you may want to pick a more durable carpet that will be built to last and a color that will not show wear and tear. A key question is "Why are you replacing your carpet?" Ask yourself: Is it a for a rental property? Are you selling your property? Is the new flooring for your own home? These key questions will help you make the final decision.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpet is designed to hold up longer and under the unique stress of a busy company. The typical lifespan of commercial carpet is anywhere from three to ten years. When choosing which commercial carpet you need, keep these factors in mind: color, density, durability, fiber, installation, and upkeep. Commercial carpeting is manufactured to be a great investment that will hold up well with heavy foot-traffic over time.
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